Why Is Attic Insulation Important In Both Winters And Summers?

Attic insulation in summer

Attic Insulation In Summer

Many homeowners fail to realize that insulating your home during the hot summer months is just as important as it is during the winter. However, that is precisely the case. If your insulation works properly, not only should it keep heat in during the winter, but also keep it out during the summer.

If there isn’t sufficient insulation, the sun will radiate heat to your roof. There, it will be conducted from the attic through the ceiling and down into the rooms below.

Most homes lose valuable amounts of energy in the summer since they either have inadequate attic insulation or a poorly installed one.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Now, let’s look at some of the warning signs that may show you don’t have proper attic insulation.

  • Inconsistent interior temperatures;
  • Certain rooms so hot you have to close them off; 
  • HVAC system working overtime; 
  • Excessively high utility bills.

What does this mean for you as a homeowner? Well, before you start cranking up the air conditioning or decide on a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation, you should consider some other options. If there are energy leaks in your household, all of that air you pay to cool then just goes back outside. Increasing your energy usage is not necessarily the solution.

Attic Insulation Benefits

As mentioned earlier, your home can benefit from attic insulation regardless of the season. Depending on the type, these are some of the most important attic insulation benefits which show you how attic insulation can make a big difference in the comfort of your home.

  1. Lower energy bill: Attic insulation lowers the cost of cooling and heating your home because it prevents the heat from leaving in the winter and entering in summer. 
  2. Air leakage control: Insulating your attic limits air leakage, and as a result, lowers heating and cooling bills.
  3. Keeps room temperature stable: Having poorly insulated rooms can cause temperature fluctuations. 
  4. Better air quality: When you install insulation in your attic, you automatically prevent the negative health impact pollutants have such as dirt and radon. 
  5. Higher property value: Having proper insulation increases the price of your property. There isn’t a prospective buyer who isn’t interested in lower energy bills and roof protection. 
  6. Attic becomes a useful space: Some homeowners tend to use the attic only for storage because the high temperature prevents it from being used for other purposes. But considering that insulation puts an end to all those problems related to extreme temperatures, you will have other options, too, including using that newly-created space for an extra room in the attic. 
  7. Pest deterrence: Using pest-resistant insulation will help you deal with pests, driving them away from your attic, which can quickly become a health hazard.   
  8. Preventing structural damage from moisture: By installing insulation, you increase the protection of your home’s structure against water vapor.
  9. More efficient HVAC system: If you have poor insulation, your HVAC system will have to work longer to cool your home. Conversely, properly installed insulation will make your system more efficient and increase its lifespan. 
  10. Environmental protection: Insulation is also the choice for the eco-friendly users. Attic insulation reduces the use of energy, which, consequently, results in carbon footprint reduction.
  11. Noise reduction: If you’re having problems with outside noise, don’t worry. Proper attic insulation reduces it, thus making your home a quietter place.

Attic Insulation Types

Today, three attic insulation types are commonly used. They are: batt, spray, and blown in.

Each type comes with its respective advantages and disadvantages. We’ll go into more detail below.

You’ll notice the term “R-value” used below. It refers to a material’s ability to resist the heat transfer and measurement looks at “per-inch” units. Basically, the higher the number, the better.

Batt Insulation

Fiberglass and mineral wool batt insulation are very common among homeowners. It comes in rolled-up blankets that go in between studs in the attic. Also, since the material is generally the cheapest among other options and the installation process is relatively easy, many try to install it themselves. 

However, you shouldn’t rush to do work on your own. Having professionals handle the job, you avoid the most critical risk of this type which is injuring your skin and lungs. Additionally, professional work is needed because it is oftentimes necessary to fit the material around both the attic objects and the wiring. 

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a type of insulation with a significantly higher R-value and can be the best of the three if installed correctly. Spray foam is applied as a liquid that turns solid after a few hours i.e. a perfect air barrier that offers durability and longevity. 

However, it’s easy to apply the spray foam wrong. If the foam isn’t at the necessary thickness level, you can miss crucial air leakage sites or see the foam contracts and pull away from the roof framing can reduce the R-value. In addition, this type is usually the most expensive choice. 

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation has a unique ability to fill all nooks and crannies. The cellulose comes from post-consumer and industrial recycled materials, making it the perfect environmentally friendly option. 

This type comes at a lower price than professionally installed batt insulation because it’s relatively easier to install. In fact, if you decide to replace your roof, don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your insulation simultaneously by simply having a tube inserted through the roof’s top. The only downside to blown-in insulation is that it declines over time. Yet, compared to batts, it still offers a longer lifespan. 

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