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Are you freezing in your own home? Is your house not warm enough? Your heating system is probably broken and needs to be repaired. Global Green Solution offers the best heating repair in Los Angeles! We understand how important it is for you to stay warm and comfortable during the colder months. 

That’s why Global Green Solutions provides emergency HVAC repairs in Los Angeles, around the clock. Give us a call at midnight, on holiday, or on the weekend! Our professional technicians arrive with the necessary equipment and an assortment of standard spare parts to restore comfort and heat to your home in the shortest time.

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When does the heating system need repair?

A heating system may need repair for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the most common problems that can occur and indicate the need for repair. Every problem requires quality diagnostics by specialists to be solved efficiently. Call us or write in a special application window on our website. We will provide you with a free consultation on heating repair in Los Angeles.

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Not enough heat is generated

Some components fail over time. Faulty thermostats, valves, and heating elements result in a reduction in heat production. It can also be caused by leaking heat transfer fluid or circulation problems in the system. Contact our experts if you notice that your home is getting colder.


Your power bill is up

If you're suddenly getting high electric bills, your heater may be using a lot of electricity. There could be many reasons: an outdated heater model, clogged filters, malfunctioning components, or other problems that can lead to an increase in energy consumption. Los Angeles heating repair experts will take care of the troubleshooting right away, reducing your costs.

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External noises and knocks

A working heater is virtually noiseless. If you hear a grinding, whirring, knocking, or humming noise, call our service technician. The problem could be with the fan, the condenser, or the throttle valve. Send a message on our website or call our manager for a free consultation.

bad smell

You smell foreign odors

For example, the smell of dust or mold. In this case, the filter may be the cause. If you smell something burning, contact our specialists immediately. Some components may overheat due to a malfunction in the electrical circuit.

Is it possible to fix it on my own?

Some malfunctions may not be serious at all. For example, if you set the thermostat, but the temperature does not rise to the desired one, a change of batteries in the thermostat may be the answer. To ensure that none of the circuits have been tripped, you can check your breaker panel. Additionally, attempt to reset the circuit that governs your furnace and observe if it remains in place. If the circuit fails to remain in the ‘on’ position, it implies a problem with the underlying circuit wiring.

We do not recommend that you repair your heater yourself. Heating repair in Los Angeles is a complex process that should only be performed by qualified professionals. Attempting to repair it yourself can lead to serious problems and even endanger your safety. It is up to you to regularly check the condition of your equipment. To schedule an efficient heater cleaning or diagnostic, call our managers. We can help you prevent serious problems with your heater.

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Heating Repair FAQs

We offer a full range of services for HVAC systems, including repairs, component replacements, cleaning and filter replacements, and new system installations.

Your heater is malfunctioning if the room is colder than normal. You should also call our managers if you smell something strange coming from your heater or hear a noise. If your utility bills increase, your heater may be using more energy than usual. This is not the norm.

We offer warranties on all of our work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We use only the highest-quality replacement parts. Our technicians have the appropriate level of expertise. Heating repair in Los Angeles CA from Global Green Solutions is a guarantee of high quality!

Depending on the type of work, parts needed, and scope of the project, our repair rates vary. We offer free diagnostics to all potential customers to determine repair costs.

Clients Love Global Green’s Heating Repair in LA

Los Angeles, CA, Heating Repair Client

Jordan M.
Los Angeles, CA, Heating Repair Client

"Thank you for being there! When I smelled something bad, I called the first guy I saw in the ad. He told me he had to replace the whole system! I couldn't believe it, so I called Global Green Solutions on the advice of a friend. Their tech said he could do a repair and fixed my system right away! It saved me lots of money. I can recommend their services to anyone!"

Heating Repair Client in Los Angeles, CA

Lilah T.
Los Angeles, CA, Heating Repair Client

"I couldn't sleep because of the noise the heater was making. I contacted Global Green Solutions to have a technician come fix the heater ASAP. Even though it was night, the tech came and replaced a couple of parts. The heater stopped making noise! Thanks so much, you guys are the best! For heating service in Los Angeles, call Global Green Solutions."

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Our HVAC Services

Do you want us to provide you with heater repair in Los Angeles right now? Then contact us online or by phone. Specify if we work in your area and the kind of problem. Our local heating repair service is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Also, check out the other installation and repair services we offer.

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Installing a radiant barrier can reduce energy consumption.

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We ensure you receive the best value for heating installation.

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Furnace Repair

You should always be attentive and perform regular maintenance of your furnace system, as it is always easier to prevent an issue than resolve it. 

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Furnace Installation

Global Green Solutions will install a furnace system in your home professionally. We will estimate the price of furnace replacement and suggest you the best solution in your situation. 

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Heat Pump Repair

 Global Green Solutions & Remodeling offers complete HVAC diagnostics as well as heat pump repair for Los Angeles. 

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Our team of qualified professionals provides fast heat pump installation in Los Angeles.

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