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Every day, hundreds of people daydream about the sunny skies and warm weather of Southern California. Unfortunately, without a reliable source of air conditioning, those dreams can quickly turn into nightmares! At Global Green Solutions, we provide 24/7 emergency A/C repairs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Whether your window unit stops working in the middle of the night or your ductless system fails during the long holiday weekend, we believe that you deserve timely service at an affordable price. We’ll arrive on site the same day that you contact us — armed with all the necessary equipment, as well as a selection of common replacement parts to help us get your system back up and running as quickly as possible. With Global Green Solutions, you’ll never be left sitting in the hot seat!

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When Do I Need an A/C Repair Company?

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to determine when you need to call in professional reinforcements! Here are some of the common signs that you may need to contact an A/C repair company:

You experience poor airflow

Over time, and without proper maintenance, your air conditioner’s ability to provide cool air slows down or diminishes. If you’re standing next to one of the vents and you can feel that very little air is circulating, this can indicate that your compressor is damaged. On the other hand, if the airflow problem seems isolated to one room, this may be a problem with your ductwork. The experts at Global Green Solutions can help you identify blockages and resolve the problem.

Your energy costs have increased

While energy costs can fluctuate over time, any significant spike in your bill is worthy of further investigation. When your cooling system begins using more energy to service the same square footage, this indicates that it is no longer operating efficiently. This can happen naturally as your air conditioner gets older, and it frequently occurs in units that don’t receive regular maintenance.

You notice unfamiliar sounds/smells

It’s rarely a good sign when you notice mysterious sounds or unidentified foul smells coming from your A/C. These symptoms can point to a variety of underlying issues. For example, musty scents usually mean there’s mold growth in your ductwork or within the primary A/C unit. On the other hand, a charred scent could point to burned out wire insulation. To prevent potential health issues from long-term exposure, we recommend contacting an A/C repair professional like Global Green Solutions.

Understanding Repairs vs. Replacement

Is My Air Conditioner Worth Repairing?

While many problems can be solved with professional A/C repair services, sometimes it can be more cost-effective to replace older systems with new, energy-efficient models. So, how can you tell whether your current air conditioner is worth repairing? One of the factors you should consider is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating for the unit.

SEER ratings measure the energy-efficiency of the system, and values can range from 6 to 23. In general, higher SEER values indicate greater efficiency. If you’re trying to decide between A/C repairs or replacement, try researching the SEER value of your current unit and comparing repair estimates with the cost of replacement with a comparable model.

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Ashley S.

Los Angeles, A/C Repair Client

"It's been freakin' hot lately and my AC broke down. My friend recommended Global Green Solutions and my AC was fixed in no time. Not only that they currently have a great $130 for $200 deal. Now I'm just chilling  with the AC on blast!"

Alex C.

Los Angeles, A/C Repair Client

"I called regarding my AC unit not working properly. Sam came and fixed the issue. The fee was reasonable. I recommend this company to anyone. They are pressure-free from selling and educate the customer to make the decision."

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