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A/C Installation in Los Angeles, CA

California attracts people with its beautiful scenery and weather conditions. However, heat waves of extreme temperatures are quite common in summer here. Heat does not imply only inconveniences, it is very dangerous for young children, seniors, and people with weak health. In this case, A/C installation in Los Angeles is not a whim, but a necessity.

Global Green Solutions can assist you in establishing a comfortable temperature in your apartment or house, regardless of the weather outside. We provide professional HVAC services in Los Angeles, CA.

Prepare for the hottest time of the year in advance by upgrading your air conditioning system. Call a manager to get a free estimation of your project.

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Choosing air conditioning as an important installation step

Different A/C units may be better suited for different needs and preferences. For that reason, the first stage of any air conditioning installation project is selecting the type of system that works best for your home. The choice of an A/C installation type in Los Angeles is determined by several factors, including housing type, the cost of your project, and personal preferences. Global Green Solutions installs both ductless and central A/C systems. We can also offer an alternative solution chosen in accordance with your needs and requirements.

If you face difficulties deciding what type of A/C will work best for you, our professional manager will provide you with the required information and help to choose the most suitable option. In addition, we offer free pre-estimation of your project. Mostly we work with two types of systems:

Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles, CA | AC Installation

Central Air Conditioning

The most common variant of A/C is the central air conditioning system. The principle of its work lies in distributing cold air through a special network of supply air ducts and registers. If you decide to go for it, you should deal with certified technicians from Global Green Solutions. We will guarantee that your ductwork and other components of air conditioning correspond to technical requirements and safety standards. Professional services will guarantee high quality of work and cost-efficiency of your HVAC system. Our company will ensure that your A/C system maintains the right temperatures in your home.

Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles, CA | AC Installation

Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless air conditioning operates by circulating special refrigerant through specialized tubing and blowing the cooled air into the desired location. If you’re upgrading your apartment or house, you are likely to find this option particularly appealing. The thing is that ductless systems do not require major interior demolition to install, and consequently, it is more affordable. With just one outdoor compressor, you can support up to four indoor handling units. Each of them will be equipped with its own thermostat. Global Green Solutions recommend this option for families with different cooling preferences. However, you can always receive a free expert consultation when you call our customer service manager.

Air Conditioning Installation FAQs

The main thing you should consider when purchasing an A/C is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating for the unit. The SEER rating is designed to estimate the energy efficiency level of the system.

SEER values may range from 6 to 23 and are counted by dividing the cooling output amount of the unit by the amount of energy consumed during the process of cooking. This standardized rating is used by every major manufacturer, and in general, higher SEER values indicate greater device efficiency. Call us if you need more information.

Global Green Solutions treats every case individually, so we don’t have ready-made recipes. We carefully analyze your situation and needs before suggesting what option can work best for you. However, if your system is worn out and needs repairs constantly, it is better f be to replace it. In addition, old air conditioners have lower efficiency and can’t maintain comfortable temperatures.

Our experienced and certified technicians can install your HVAC system at any time of the year. Though, we recommend doing major installations during the warm months for your convenience. Call us to order A/C installation services in LA.

Clients Love Global Green’s AC installation in LA

Max D.

Los Angeles A/C Installation Client

“When it comes to AC installation, this is the right company for the job. They have excellent communication skills and friendly staff. Our new AC works better than the previous one ever did! We got a great price and I definitely recommend them for AC and duct/vent work."

Sarah K.

Los Angeles A/C Installation Client

"I was skeptical at first since GGS replied so quickly and their bid was so much less than the competition. But days later - I now have a great air-conditioning unit professionally installed as promised! There were no surprises and I would highly recommend them for any job."

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We offer 24/7 maintenance and emergency HVAC repair services

Global Green Solution not only offers air conditioning installation and replacement in Los Angeles, CA. We also provide:

A/C Repair

We offer 24/7 emergency repairs for your AC.

Radiant Barriers

Installing a radiant barrier can reduce energy consumption.

Heating Installation

We ensure you receive the best value for heating installation.

Heating Repair

Our team can repair your heating system & ensure efficiency.

AC Repair in Los Angeles

Attic Insulation

New attic insulation can extend the life of your HVAC system.

Duct Replacement

Duct replacement helps maintain your ventilation system.

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