When Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

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An AC unit is an indispensable device for creating comfort in the Los Angeles heat. It cools the room nicely and maintains the comfort of your home. But what to do when it breaks down? Many AC owners are faced with whether to fix the unit or replace it with a new one.

No matter what happens to your air conditioning system, we recommend contacting the experts at Global Green Solutions & Remodeling. Our team has been helping customers restore comfort to their homes for over 10 years. We take responsibility for our work and guarantee high-quality services. Call us anytime! We do HVAC repair, installation, and replacement all over LA!

Should I fix my AC unit or install a new one?

If your AC becomes unstable or produces unpleasant odors or noises, it’s a signal that it’s time to consider fixing or installing a new unit. If it is not producing enough cooling, the settings may be off, or the filter can be clogged. Try different settings to verify the thermostat is working correctly.

If this is not the reason, your AC requires a professional diagnostic. Contact our experts for an assessment of your unit’s condition. Only certified specialists can tell you with 100% accuracy what is causing the malfunction and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

We recommend that you check the AC before the season starts so that you do not suffer from the heat when the weather gets hot. Also, the high season puts a lot of stress on your HVAC service, so think ahead for your comfort. We also recommend that you schedule periodic maintenance for the HVAC. It will prevent the occurrence of serious breakdowns, as the handyman will detect any malfunctioning in time. In this way, you extend the life of your AC unit and avoid the worry of a sudden breakdown.

Call our managers to request diagnostics of your device. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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When does an air conditioner need to be repaired?

If a technician determines that the problem is not too serious, the AC can be fixed. Our staff has all the necessary tools and parts. We may solve your issue immediately so that you can enjoy your comfort.

Air conditioning repair may be more appropriate when:

  • The AC is relatively new and still under warranty. You might wish to have the air conditioner serviced at the cost of the manufacturer for a possible factory fault.
  • It is cheaper to fix it than to install a new one. Mostly, minor malfunctions are cheap to repair.
  • The issue can be easily solved or does not require the replacement of many parts.
  • AC has enough resources to continue operating.

Again, only a licensed technician can determine the severity of the problem. Without specialized knowledge, it is difficult to identify the complexity of a breakdown.

AC Repair in Los Angeles

When do I need to replace my air conditioning system?

Unfortunately, there are situations when the breakdown is too serious for the unit to be repaired. There are also cases when replacing the air conditioner is the only solution:

  • The unit has been in use for a long time, and its repair will be expensive.
  • It wastes a lot of electricity, causing high bills.
  • Your AC does not provide enough cooling during the hotter seasons.
  • It has an outdated design and does not match the interior of your place.

We know it’s cheaper to fix than to replace. But sometimes, it’s better to pay a bigger sum of money once than to pay a handyman over and over again. A new AC unit may use less energy, lowering energy costs. It will eventually pay for the purchase of the new device. In addition, we offer 15% off coupons for the installation of an HVAC system. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

Global Green Solutions & Remodeling is your trusted HVAC repair and installation partner. We strive to provide our clients with fast and efficient service so that their AC units can perform at maximum capacity. We implement environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions in Los Angeles, CA.

If you have a problem with the AC or want to upgrade to a newer model, contact our team of experts at Global Green Solutions & Remodeling. Let us help you create a comfortable and safe cooling experience for your home!

Air Conditioner Repair or Replace FAQs

Deciding whether to fix or replace a device is based on several factors. You should keep in mind its age, the frequency of breakdowns, and the expense of repairs. If your AC is more than a decade old or in constant need of service, getting a new one installed may be a preferable option.

They can range from simple part replacements to more complex procedures such as a compressor or evaporator replacements. Freon’s replacement and HVAC cleaning may also be required.

In addition to the purchase of the unit itself and the installation work, there may be additional expenses, such as the cost of dismantling and disposing of the old equipment, replacing the electrical wiring, installing a new thermostatic system, etc.

Installing an AC unit is a complex process that requires knowledge and experience. An improper installation can lead to a malfunction of the unit, as well as to health and safety risks. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your air conditioning system installed by professionals.

It is advised that maintenance be carried out at least once a year to keep it working properly and extend its life. Service includes filter cleaning, checking the condition and replacing parts, etc. You can discuss the list of services directly with your service company.

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