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Heat Pump Installation in LA, CA

Do you want to heat your home efficiently and in an eco-friendly way? Then you should consider installing a heat pump. Global Green Solutions & Remodeling is providing HVAC services in LA. Our company has been working in this field for more than 10 years. Our team of qualified professionals provides fast heat pump installation in Los Angeles. Call our managers if you want to set up a new unit or fix an old one.

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Some benefits of heat pump installation

Consult our experts about the possibilities of installing devices in your specific case. You can call our technicians anytime at (888) 860-4826. We operate throughout LA. 

There are several reasons why you should consider having a heating pump in your home:


High-energy efficiency

It consumes less energy than other heaters or air conditioners. This system can lower your utility costs and equipment maintenance.

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Environmentally friendly

The principle of operation is the use of alternative energy sources. So, you can significantly reduce the harmful substances emission.

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It is applied for heating and cooling rooms. Hence, a heat pump is perfectly suited for the local climate.

AC Repair in Los Angeles | LA Air Conditioning Repair & Service


The device works quietly; therefore, it does not interfere with rest or work. Modern models are equipped with automatic control systems. They allow you to adjust the temperature in the room and keep it at the desired level.

What are the most popular categories of heat pumps for installation?

There are several common types of these units. The choice depends on the characteristics of the home, the attic or basement area, and the needs of the family. 

The following types are the most commonly used:

  • Ground source, or geothermal. They take the warmth from the ground to heat or cool the space. LA has a warm climate, so the temperature in the ground remains constant year-round at depths of up to 10 feet. Under these conditions, these heaters can be particularly effective. Their fitting is complex, so contact our professional geothermal heat pump installation contractors in Los Angeles.
  • Air source. These models extract heat from the air and transfer it inside the building to either warm or cool the space. They can be especially useful in drier areas, where the ground does not have enough moisture.
  • Air to water. These heat pumps use air to provide warm or cool water, which is then circulated throughout the facility for temperature regulation. They are effective during the hot summer months and require minimal maintenance.
  • Gas. Systems that run on this fuel are installed less frequently than the others. Due to growing environmental requirements, they are losing popularity.

If you’re not sure what equipment is suitable, contact our company. We can help find options that fit your budget.

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Heat Pump Installation FAQs

Various situations may require the installation of this equipment:

  • The heating system is outdated. If it is older than 15 years old, breaks down frequently, or wastes a lot of electricity, you should replace your equipment. If you are in search of the best heat pump replacement service in Los Angeles, leave a request with our manager.
  • Your home does not have access to a gas line or the price of electricity is high. In such a case, the heat pump can be an adequate solution.
  • You care about ecology. These units work with alternative energy sources. This makes this heating system more eco-friendly than traditional ones.

The service life of the equipment depends on many factors: the installation quality, the use intensity, and its maintenance. The average life span is between 10 and 20 years.

The choice of equipment is based on building size and type, climatic conditions, budget, and energy efficiency requirements. Contact our specialists for advice and to select the best system for you.

Maintenance should include regular inspection and cleaning of filters, checking the compressor operation, and other manipulations. It is recommended that service be performed at least annually and that any repairs be carried out as necessary.

Clients Love Our Heat Pump Installation in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, heat pump installation client

Thomas A.
Los Angeles, heat pump installation client

Very pleased with the quality of the work by Global Green Solutions & Remodeling. All phases were completed professionally and punctually. The heat pump is working very well. We thank you all!"

heat pump installation client Los Angeles

Michele S.
Los Angeles, heat pump installation client

"My family and I were very satisfied with the services provided by Global Green Solutions. They helped us select the appropriate pump and professionally fitted it in our home. I was impressed with the quick response to my request. Now, our house is warm and comfortable, and our utility costs have significantly reduced."

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Do you need heat pump installation in Los Angeles, CA? We can solve any problem related to all types of HVAC systems. In addition, we offer the following services:

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Heat Pump Repair

 Global Green Solutions & Remodeling offers complete HVAC diagnostics as well as heat pump repair for Los Angeles. 

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