What Steps Are Involved In Installing A New Air Conditioning Unit?

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Installing a new air conditioner is a common service in Los Angeles. AC provides a comfortable indoor climate, pleasantly cooling on hot days and warming in winter. For the air cooling to work 100%, proper installation is important. In this article, we will have a look at when to install a new AC unit. We will also review the basic steps of an air conditioning installation that Global Green Solutions & Remodeling performs.

This article is intended as an introduction. We do not recommend doing the technical work yourself. It is better to contact the experts at Global Green Solutions & Remodeling. With over a decade of experience, we can solve your HVAC problems quickly. Our company guarantees high-quality customer service throughout Los Angeles, CA. Call our managers if you need to install a new air conditioner in your home or office!

When do I need a new air conditioner installation?

AC is one of the most necessary things to have indoors in LA. In the summer, it’s hard to live normally without it. However, no piece of equipment can last forever. Over time, air conditioners lose their power and efficiency. 

The need to install new AC can arise for several reasons:

  • Breakdown. Many of our customers come to us with this problem. Some malfunctions can be fixed, and the air conditioner will efficiently work for a long time. Our experts successfully solve the most complicated cases. But if the unit cannot be fixed, the most appropriate solution is to install new air conditioning. If your AC doesn’t turn on or work properly, call us anytime. We are available around the clock.
  • Outdated model. Older units use more electricity, resulting in high utility bills. A new, productive, and environmentally friendly AC can reduce energy consumption and lower your utility bills. In addition, current models are more efficient. They come with many features that make life easier and more comfortable.
  • Changing the size of your space. Your home may be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter if you have remodeled it. More space requires more cooling or heating. If your air conditioning isn’t providing a comfortable climate, a new AC installation can help solve this problem.

Global Green Solutions & Remodeling experts suggest checking if your air conditioner is working properly before summer begins. Make sure your air conditioner doesn’t need repair, so you don’t have to go without cooling when it’s hot.
Air conditioner being professionally maintained

Stages of a new air conditioner installation

So, you took advantage of our company’s services and hired experts to install the equipment. What’s next? Our team will complete a few simple steps. We don’t require your involvement, so you can spend time with your family or enjoy your favorite hobby.

Meanwhile, our experts are going to get to work:

  1. Analyzing the space. Our team will determine what size and capacity HVAC system is needed for your space. Before installing the new equipment, we will measure the size of the room, determine the number of people who will live in it, how often the room will be used, etc.
  2. Preparing the site for installation. Our specialists will dismantle your existing equipment and help you dispose of it according to local regulations. We also ensure that there are no obstructions around the air conditioner site and that it is installed according to safety requirements. Specialists will inspect the ventilation and electrical wiring. It is crucial to identify any problems that could cause poor performance of the new unit.
  3. Installing the system. This is the most difficult step if you do it without the help of specialists. Our technicians install AC units quickly and safely. If necessary, we’ll replace the ductwork, add refrigerant, and install a new thermostat. If you like, we’ll leave your old thermostat, but we’ll test it to ensure it works.
  4. Testing and configuring your device. After installing the AC, you should check it for leaks, test it for operation, and configure it according to your needs. If necessary, we will instruct you on the use of the unit. We recommend that you set up a service schedule to keep your air conditioner operating efficiently. On-time maintenance will extend the life of the unit and help avoid breakdowns.

Why shouldn’t I install a new air conditioner myself?

Replacing or installing equipment can be dangerous. It requires specialized knowledge. Working with electricity and refrigerants can cause injury without professional training. Improper installation can result in inefficient air conditioning operation as well as damage and failure.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experience in installing HVAC systems, it’s best to seek help from the professionals at Global Green Solutions & Remodeling. No one but professionals can better service, fix and install a new air conditioner system. Replace your old air conditioner before the season starts so that you won’t suffer from the oppressive heat! Contact us now! We offer 15% off coupons for seniors and the military. Our team provides local service all over LA at any time of the day or night!

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AC Installation FAQs

Installing technically complex equipment can be life-threatening, especially if you have no experience or knowledge in this area. It is better to hire professionals who are specially trained for this job.

Air conditioning installation time depends on the type and complexity of the installation, as well as the availability of the necessary tools and materials. On average, the process takes from several hours to several days.

The AC should be inspected at least once a year to ensure proper operation. Maintenance will ensure the optimum performance of the cooling system and extend its life. If the unit is operated year-round or in a dirty air environment, more frequent maintenance may be required. The filters should also be monitored and cleaned regularly to protect the unit from dust and dirt that can affect its performance.

There may be difficulties if the unit is purchased without professional advice or if the installation is a “do-it-yourself” project. Some possible concerns may include an incorrect choice of location, wrong electrical connection, incompatibility with the existing electrical system, and other technical difficulties. To avoid these difficulties, contact a professional installer.