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Like the rest of California, Inglewood’s climate is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. To avoid any seasonal discomfort, it’s important to take care of your HVAC units consistently. Global Green Solutions & Remodeling can help you achieve this. The GGSaR team provides top-quality heating and air conditioning services in Inglewood. Our experts have significant experience in troubleshooting this type of equipment, as well as providing HVAC installation and replacement services.

Having a comfortable temperature in your home or office is important. Global Green Solutions & Remodeling can help you achieve an optimal indoor climate with the following services:

  • HVAC replacement in Inglewood. Technology doesn’t stand still. By replacing your old equipment with a new unit, you can achieve better efficiency and lower energy bills.
  • HVAC repair in Inglewood. Identifying and fixing problems can be difficult. Hire experienced HVAC technicians to diagnose and provide solutions.
  • HVAC installation in Inglewood. To ensure that your new equipment lasts as long as possible, it’s a good idea to have it installed by experts. In addition to the service itself, they can also advise you on the equipment’s proper operation.

We strongly recommend you not to attempt repairing your HVAC system yourself. Without the necessary skills and tools, there is a high risk of additional damage to the equipment and even harm to your health. Entrust the professional technicians from Global Green Solutions & Remodeling to do it for you.


GGSaR offers various HVAC services in Inglewood

There are several types of HVAC systems. Usually, they are related to each other, as they perform different functions in regulating the indoor atmosphere of the premises. Therefore, the approach to solving the problems associated with cooling or heating should also be comprehensive.

We understand that it is impractical to look for several contractors for HVAC services. That’s why we offer such a wide range of services:

AC Repair in Los Angeles | LA Air Conditioning Repair & Service

A/C Installation

Schedule your air conditioning installation before the hot season arrives. Contact us to arrange a convenient time to get started.

AC Repair LA

A/C Repair

If your equipment has become less productive, don't rush to buy a new one. In some cases, partial replacement might be the answer to your problem. Our specialists have all the necessary parts for fixing your A/C system.

Heating Los Angeles

Heating Installation

Don't know what kind of heating system you need? GGSaR experts will select the right equipment for your space and install it in the shortest possible time.

Los Angeles Heating Repair

Heating Repair

Don't suffer from the cold when your heater breaks down! We work around the clock to make sure you always enjoy a comfortable temperature.

AC Repair in Los Angeles

Attic Insulation

Increase the energy efficiency of your building with attic insulation. The GGSaR team has extensive experience in this work.

Duct Replacement

Duct Replacement

Our specialists will assess the condition of your current air ducts. If they are defective, they will purchase the necessary equipment, install it, and test its operation.

Radiant Barriers

Radiant Barriers

Installing radiant barriers is another important thing to do when you want to save on energy bills. Contact our support team for a detailed consultation on the radian barriers and how much energy they can save for your home.

maintenance icon

Furnace Repair

You should always be attentive and perform regular maintenance of your furnace system, as it is always easier to prevent an issue than resolve it. We work 24/7 to ensure professional emergency furnace repair services in Los Angeles.

Heating Installation Los Angeles | Heating System Replacement

Furnace Installation

Global Green Solutions will install a furnace system in your home professionally. We will estimate the price of furnace replacement and suggest you the best solution in your situation. 

Heating Installation Los Angeles | Heating System Replacement

Heat Pump Repair

 Global Green Solutions & Remodeling offers complete HVAC diagnostics as well as heat pump repair for Los Angeles. Call us any time of the day or night to schedule a technician in your area. 

Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles, CA | AC Installation

Heat Pump Installation

Our team of qualified professionals provides fast heat pump installation in Los Angeles. Call our managers if you want to set up a new unit or fix an old one.

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Global Green Solutions & Remodeling is a top HVAC company in Inglewood. Our certified technicians are highly qualified to competently solve a variety of problems in this field. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your HVAC system or would like an estimate on the scope of work, fill out the form on our website or call us at (800) 371-1545. We’ll provide a free estimation and recommend the most suitable solution for your issue.

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