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Adequate insulation is of utmost importance, and using reflective materials for this purpose presents an outstanding alternative. Its primary aim is to limit the amount of heat that enters the building throughout the summer season. A radiant barrier diminishes your expenses in cooling, as the reflective exterior of the material hinders the transfer of heat from the rooftop to the loft. These types of materials are generally made from reflective substances and may include fiber reinforcement to increase their durability.

Global Green Solutions specializes in the radiant barrier installation service in Alhambra. We offer round-the-clock availability of our services for your convenience, and we are also able to provide prompt assistance when needed. Contact us today for further details!

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How reflective insulation can revolutionize your building's thermal efficiency

For those living in a warm, “Mediterranean-like” climate, radiant barriers can substantially reduce monthly utility bills. This method is particularly advantageous for buildings with ducts in the loft. New studies reveal that implementing this method can lead to a reduction of up to 10% in cooling costs, particularly in areas that experience extended periods of hot weather.

Here are some of how you can benefit from the reflective insulation:

Lowering attic temperature

Maximizing energy efficiency heavily relies on minimizing heat buildup within your loft space. The reflection is an effective approach, resulting in a significant temperature drop, which minimizes the load on HVAC equipment. We only use top-quality and long-lasting materials for all of our installations.

Increasing your A/C's durability

Radiant barriers lower the amount of heat that gathers, lowering the number of times your HVAC system needs to cycle. It means that your air conditioning unit will be subjected to less stress, resulting in a longer lifespan. Our specialists can fit reflective insulation along with the HVAC modernization.

Making the most of the warm climate

Such weather conditions offer an ideal opportunity to benefit from reflective insulation. By using this method, you can potentially save between 5% and 10% on your air cooling costs. By evaluating your HVAC, the GGS experts can prescribe the most effective strategy to yield the best outcomes.

Minimizing insulation expenses

This method is a cost-effective solution. According to experts in the field, radiant barriers can pay for themselves in a few years through savings on energy. We deliver professional solutions at a competitive cost to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home's condition and structure to determine if a heat barrier is the most suitable in your case.

Improve your thermal insulation with our expertise

While it is possible to tackle the job on your own, it is essential to recognize that it requires a certain level of expertise to achieve optimal outcomes. In addition, certain limitations and safety precautions need to be considered carefully to avoid potential risks. For that reason, we advise you to leave the job to our licensed professionals.

Absolutely! Our team specializes in fitting reflective barriers in residences of all ages, as long as an attic space is present. Our skilled specialists will assess your property and prep the surfaces to insulate your place correctly. Phone us to learn more about how we can assist you.

The main goal of this insulation is to minimize heat transfer, which is achieved by creating an air gap between the material and the structure to which it is applied, such as walls or roofs. To prevent common mistakes that can lower the insulating performance, we strongly advise the help of a certified contractor.

Clients Love Global Green’s Radiant Barrier Installation in Alhambra

Alhambra, Radiant Barriers Installation Client

Jacob M.
Alhambra, Radiant Barriers Installation Client

“As a homeowner, I am always looking for ways to save money on my utility bills. I learned about heat barriers from GGSaR customer reviews and decided to give it a try. These guys performed outstanding service from the initial consultation to the installation process. I highly recommend them to anyone!”

Radiant Barriers Installation Client in Alhambra

Abigail T.
Alhambra, Radiant Barriers Installation Client

“After moving into our new place, my family and I noticed that the attic was extremely hot, even in the winter. We chose reflective insulation to minimize heat and lower our energy costs. GGS was suggested to us by a neighbor, and we were impressed by their professionalism. Thanks to their excellent work, we are now enjoying a more comfortable home.”

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