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A radiant barrier is a kind of insulation that can be installed in both commercial and residential types of buildings. Each barrier is made from an extremely reflective material, such as aluminum foil. Many products used for this insulation are fiber-reinforced to prolong their durability.

The primary purpose of this insulation is to decrease radiant heat gain in the summer, which also lowers overall cooling costs. It occurs because the reflective exterior of barriers minimizes the flow of heat from the surface of your roof to your attic.

This radiant barrier installation in Southern California is carried out quickly and professionally by Global Green Solutions. We work 24/7, and in 90% of cases, we come to your place the same day.

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Benefits of a Radiant Barrier Installation in LA

We recommend radiant barriers as an efficient energy-saving solution in the hot climate of Los Angeles and its surroundings. It is more suitable for buildings that have air ducts installed in the attic. As recent studies have proved, this type of insulation can help you to decrease the expenses on your cooling system from 5% and up to 10% for areas with long periods of sunny and hot weather.

Global Green Solutions will analyze your housing type and its condition, and after that, we will make a decision on whether radiant barriers will be optimal for your case. We always make sure that your HVAC benefits from installing radiant barriers.

Decrease heat in your attic

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of reducing heat build-up in your attic. Usage of these reflective barriers can bring down the temperature of your attic by up to 30°F, which allows your HVAC to operate more efficiently. Global Green Solutions works only with high-quality materials that are really durable.

Extend the lifespan of your A/C

In lower temperatures, your HVAC system requires a smaller number of cycle times. By avoiding the unnecessary accumulation of heat, reflective barriers can actually prolong the lifespan of your A/C and may even decrease requirements for an air conditioning system by up to ½ ton. We offer services of professional radiant barrier insulation as a part of upgrading your HVAC system.

Take advantage of the SoCal weather

The high temperatures and sunny weather of Southern California and Texas make radiant barriers even more impactful than in regions with cooler climates. In fact, some research has shown that using a radiant barrier in Los Angeles could reduce your A/C costs by 5% to 10%. Our certified technicians will check your HVAC system to see how much its efficiency can be increased.

Decrease overall insulation costs

Radiant barriers are remarkably affordable, particularly when they are compared to other popular insulation materials like spray foam. Experts have estimated that radiant barrier insulation can pay for itself through energy savings within 4-5 years. At Global Green Solutions, we professionally install this type of insulation at a reasonable price.

Use Your Energy in a Smart Way with Global Green Solutions

The efficiency of your insulation depends on how well it is installed. In addition, certain restrictions and safety precautions must be followed very carefully so that there will be no potential hazards. That’s why we suggest entrusting the whole thing to our certified technicians, who have loads of experience and all the necessary skills.

Technically, it is much simpler to install this insulation in a new building. But our service team can place radiant barriers in your old home with an attic that can be opened. Technicians from Global Green Solutions will first prepare the surfaces for the installations and then perform the rest of the necessary work.

First, radiant heat does not transmit without an air gap because this heat moves across air gaps or vacuum. So, there must be some space between the barrier itself and the surface, for example, the roof walls. And that’s why we recommend radiant barriers to be placed by certified experts to avoid common mistakes that will decrease the insulation efficiency.

Clients Love Global Green’s Radiant Barriers Installation in LA

#1 Los Angeles Radiant Barrier Installation Service

Bob T.

Los Angeles, Radiant Barriers Installation Client

"I am really into “green technologies” and try to make my home as smart and efficient as possible. So, when I bought my new house, I ordered installation services of radiant barriers in my attic. I liked how GGS performed the work. I will contact them in the future for maintenance of my HVAC."

#1 Los Angeles Radiant Barrier Installation Service

Eva K.

Los Angeles, Radiant Barriers Installation Client

"My husband decided to upgrade our home and make it more energy-saving. I liked the idea and after long searching and checking real reviews, we contacted Global Green Solutions. They have a very professional approach to work. Only positive impressions. 5/5!"

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