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Weather in Calabasas Shows Crucial Role of New HVAC Installation

Calabasas, located in the hills that are west of the San Fernando Valley in the northwest Santa Monica Mountains in California, offers a colorful history full of buried treasure, cattle and sheep ranches, ghost sightings, and more. Primarily a city of master-planned communities, it is  home to over 23,000 residents, including many Hollywood rich and famous stars.

As is usually the case with cities in California, the climate in Calabasas tends to be hot during summer and chilly during winter. Homeowners must never underestimate the need for  well-maintained heating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units to ensure comfort all year round. Regular maintenance of heating and cooling systems help produce and distribute warm or cool air more evenly throughout the house. The three major functions of HVAC are interlinked, particularly with the need to provide thermal comfort and acceptable quality of indoor air within reasonable costs of installation, repair and maintenance.

HVAC New Installation or Replacement Benefits

It is estimated that over half of the energy in a typical house is consumed by the heating and cooling systems. That’s precisely why you, as a homeowner, should be concerned about the decisions you make regarding HVAC systems. Upgrading your HVAC system might be necessary for increased comfort and other benefits.

Increased Comfort

New HVAC technology is now equipped to produce even heating and cooling to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home. They also provide the climate technology to control humidity levels indoors. Newer HVAC models make less noise as they are designed with sound-absorbing materials that reduce the noise, which is common with older units.

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Low Maintenance Cost

HVAC new installation include longer operating life, superior airflow, comfort control, and even health. With regards to HVAC replacement, the average homeowner ignores or overlooks their aging household system.

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Environmentally Friendly

Going green has become a priority for many homeowners. New HVAC systems utilize a fraction of the fuel that most older models consume, helping reduce your carbon footprint.

HVAC Maintenance and Repair

If you think HVAC maintenance and repair is easier than A/C new installation and replacement, think again. New A/C models, even small window package units, have internal air filters. These are usually made of a lightweight gauze-like material and must be washed or replaced regularly. Not replacing them properly will contribute to problems, such as a lower heat exchange rate, which results in wasted energy, shortened equipment life, and higher energy bills. Also, very dirty or plugged filters can result in overheating during a heating cycle, which can cause system damage or even fire.

Attic Insulation Service

In a place like Calabasas, where it can get hot in the summer or cold in the winter, having the right level and type of insulation make a significant difference in your comfort and energy bills. There are a variety of insulation thermal-performance grades and materials, such as cellulose, spray foam, and blown-in. Upgrading your attic insulation to seal air leaks and add insulation is an efficient way to reduce electric bills and improve comfort. Have your attic inspected by certified HVAC experts and insulation specialists to determine the best solution based on your needs and your home’s design.

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